A Guide to Gaming Monitors Including 144Hz Refresh Rate.

A gaming monitor is a necessary part of the gaming gig in the present day. If you have spent thousands of dollars on your gaming PC just to experience clear graphics and smoother video, not having a good monitor that can support higher FPS and resolution can waste all your struggle. Having a good monitor that is compatible with your system can enhance your gaming experience whether you play first shooting person game or any other.

When you search on Google or go in the physical store to buy a gaming monitor, you will be bombarded with various tough to understand terms. In this post, we will explain all those terms and you will be able to buy a compatible gaming monitor for your rig in the desired budget.

Which Panel Type is Better for Gaming Monitor?

The most popular panels that are widely available in present-day monitors are TN and IPS. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The monitors equipped with TN Panels produce faster response time as compared to IPS. In competitive gaming, having a smooth video with a higher refresh is important so you can respond immediately to fight with the enemy. Having low response time can make a gamer suffer and unfortunately it could be a huge factor in losing battles.

As the TN panels have a higher response time but they suffer from a poor viewing angle. additionally, they are budget-friendly too. Conversely, The IPS panel monitors are designed for color-sensitive applications like graphics designing, video motions, etc. They produce more accurate colors as compared to TN and have higher tag prices too.

The IPS panels have wider viewing angels that is the reason they are being widely used in our home televisions. The downside of them is that they are slower than TN. You will get most monitors with 5ms response time that is slower for gaming monitors.

Hence, if you are looking for gaming monitors with smoother graphics you should always pick the TN panel over IPS.

What is Refresh Rate in Gaming Monitors?

Most of us already know that video clip is made with combining pictures. The more pictures we will see in a second, the more smooth video will be. So the same law comes to the monitors. The refresh rate of a monitor means that how many times it refreshes the image. As it is in milliseconds but you can still observe the difference very easily at a limit. After this limit, our eyes stop seeing the difference due to limited reception.

The ordinary monitors come with 60Hz, The benefit of having a lower refresh in ordinary monitors is that we won’t get eye strains easily by using them for a longer period of time. In contrast, Gaming monitors boast a higher refresh rate as the response time is sensitive in this matter.

The gaming monitors are available in 120Hz, 144Hz, and higher. Most expensive models also boast 240Hz which is impressively fast. But the most popular Refresh Rate is 144Hz in the gaming arena.



What are the Best Gaming Headsets?

The headset is such a device which enables a gamer to hear the voice more clearly rather than listening voice through the speaker. Because in speakers, voice can be disturbed by the interface. Gamer’s performance mainly depends on hearing an evident voice. Headset’s sound quality should be excellent. This feature is rarely important for gamers, in such situations when gamers play fighting games in which hearing voices of the enemy’s footstep, sniper’s voice when he reloads the gun. In all these circumstances, voice is the most important part. Headsets also having mic with it. For team collaboration gamer’s voice is also important to support his team members by communicating with his players and pointing the exact location of enemies. It enhances the worth of the gamer’s performance.

Furthermore, headsets restricted the noise around you, which is good for you and for others also that you can play without getting or disturbing others. Gaming headsets are made up of such quality that gamers can not feel tired while using it. It is very important for gamers to feel comfortable. Now a day’s usage of gaming headsets has become a top trend. Gamers mostly prefer headsets because of its audio quality. It avoids distraction, and by using the mic, you can also attend the calls if your phone is connecting. Headsets are also compatible with multiplayer. It amplifies the voice in detail, which is required while playing games. Many brands manufacture headsets of such class that could meet up with the requirements of gamers. That is why it has become a very tough competition in markets. Each year, every manufacturer introduces new features in their headsets to attain a high rank in the market with the quality of work. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is one of the leading best headsets which provide the best audio feature. In this headset, magnets come with 53mm drivers, which offer good sound quality for gamers.

Moreover, it has a noise cancellation feature in it to provide a more focused environment for gamers. This headset can efficiently work with most gaming stations like for PC, Xbox, etc. SteelSeries Arctis 7 gaming headset is a wireless headset. Headsets with wires mostly tangled and not easy to use. So, this kind of headset gamers problem by reducing extra wires. It provides an excellent connection with 2.4Ghz. there is no need to be worried about the connection. S.1 speakers are a built-in speaker in this headset, which limits the noise distortion. It also offers digital sound theater, which improves the voice quality and engages the gamers in gaming. As it is wireless, that is why it also requires charging, but the

the good thing about is that its battery timing is 24hrs. After charging one time, you can use it for 24hrs. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is another wireless headset with 30hrs battery timing. It also comes up with wires if you want to use it for other purposes like watching movies by plugging it into another device. It is compatible with PC and PS4. It is having a 50mm speaker, which sounds splendid. The sound system is extending up with a strong noise cancellation microphone. You can control its mic; it depends on your usage requirements. The earbuds are infused with special kinds of gel to provide ease to users. SLUB Bluetooth Headset is offering Bluetooth features, which is an option if you wanted to detach it. You could do it, but it has a built-in microphone, which ensures the quality of sound. SLUB is extraordinary because of its best battery timing. You can use it for 60hrs after charging it for one time, which is an incredible feature. No one can ignore this wonderful feature. Its earbuds are very foamy and foldable. It also has different LED colors you can choose according to your mood. It gives off all the features common in standard headsets, but with some other fantastic features made, this headset is unique.

Best Headsets for PS4

PS4 is basically abbreviated for play station 4. Which is the biggest name in the world of gaming stations? It was launched in North America in 2013. It comes up with power cable, and it only recharges by using these cables. It also provides the facility of headsets with it to make some voice conversations with other players. PS4 also provides online accounts to be part of online gaming websites. Which is only proposing for PS4. The account for this site would be unique, and you can share your achievements with your friends. It also emerges with 500Gb hard drive, and it shows much improvement rather than its predecessors’ series. PS4 is also pop up with sharing and streaming feature. Now you are enabled to share every moment of the game. It saves the last 15 minutes. You can replay it, and even you can make a screen recording and share it. And if you wanted to share your life moments of the game, you can use its streaming feature.23 games are available for the users of PS4. And every month, these games come up with advanced features. Sony is spending much more on its separate gaming studios to facilitate its users. You can also purchase a separate camera for a 3D image, and its feature is a little bit similar to the kinetic feature of Xbox. By using it, you can clearly observe your enemies’ position. You can also convert PS4 games on TV, but this feature is not widely used. Followings are some best headsets you can use for PS4 are:

Logitech Pro X

This headset is easy to use. Its price is as high as its quality, but it is best for PS4. It is offering excellent voice quality, which is unbeatable. You can use it for PC, mobile, or even any other device. Its earbuds are very comfortable, and a detachable microphone is also available with it.

PlayStation Platinum

This headset is specifically used for PS4. It is wireless with 12hrs battery timing and noise cancellation feature. It has a pinhole microphone in its left earbud, which provides clear communication capacity. Its earbuds are foamy and of circular shape. It provides a 50mm drive.